What is Aging in Place?

The concept and understanding that most people want to stay in their home as they age. A consult with an Occupational Therapist with a Certification as an Aging in Place Specialist supports this process as they provide solutions for you to stay in your home with increased independence and stability.

Did you know?

According to the CDC,  Every second of every day an adult aged 65 or older falls in the United States.  Every 12 seconds, one of these older Americans is admitted to the emergency department for a fall.  For the older adult 55% of these falls are at home.

Why Ageless Living Solutions?

Most of us consider our home our haven.  Our homes are our investment filled with memories and according to The National Aging in Place Council NAIPC 90% of us want to stay in our homes.  Ageless Living Solutions supports those who want therapy and would like to stay in their home to age in place or for those who want to find a more suitable home in which to live.  Our focus is on creating solutions that allow you to create ease and independence and age in place with dignity.

How does Ageless Living Solutions facilitate change?

There are various strategies:

Introduction of new routines and hopefully eliminating or changing old unsafe habits. 

Prevention towards unhealthy patterns with focus on establishing new routines and current self awareness become key for you and your family

Incorporating assistive devices, or durable medical equipment to promote independence.  

Focus on organization of the space, item or furniture placement  

Modification of your home environment may produce a lasting impact.

Ageless Living Service Areas

Ageless Living Solutions services the Southwest Florida area including but not limited to Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers. You will find that our solutions create lasting opportunities for your daily experience. We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to your daily challenges throughout Southwest Florida. Ageless Living Solutions provides creative and individually tailored solutions for you and your home to create a more successful and independent living experience.

Ageless Living Solutions compassionately supports life's journey

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